Jun 2, 2016

Doubling of Delhi-Palanpur rail line to be completed in next 3

The doubling of Delhi-Palanpur rail line is scheduled to be completed in next three years which will ease rail traffic between Ahmadabad and Delhi. 

NWR GM Anil Singhal said that Delhi-Rewari section has double rail line and the work of doubling is in progress in the remaining sections. 

Highlighting the works taken up by the NWR, the GM said that gauge conversion of 378 kms was done last year and the work of gauge conversion in Ratangarh-Sardarshahar and Sikar-Churu will be completed by the year 2017.
He said the facility of wi-fi has been provided at 26 railway stations including Jaipur under the NWR and it will be available at five more stations.
Source - Business Standard

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