Jun 28, 2016

Handle Customers with Care to improve image of Railways -Shri Ravindra Gupta, GM,SCR’s call to Frontline staff at the Zonal Level “Seminar on Customer Care”

Shri Ravindra Gupta, General Manager, SCR called upon the frontline categories of Rail staff, who represent the face of the Railways to convey the best image of the Railways amongst the customers, both in passenger and freight sector. He was addressing the first of its kind Zonal
level“Seminar o­n Customer Care”organised o­n South Central Railway, at Rail Nilayam, Secunderabad today i.e., 27th June, 2016. The Seminar comprised of Frontline staff such as Ticket Checking, Booking/Reservation Clerks, Railway Protection Force (RPF), Railway Porters etc., from all over the Zone. Eminent Speakers addressed the Seminar to cover extensive range of issues. Shri P Ganeswara Rao, Chief Commercial Manager, SCR also spoke.
Stressing o­n the fact that the Railway workforce basically are into the service industry, Shri Ravindra Gupta said that the frontline staff should provide the best service to rail customers by dealing with them properly and facilitating redressal of their grievances. With Social Media going more active and various tools being available for use, customers have become more aware about their rights and it is the duty of rail staff to serve them with care and concern, the General Manager added. Going into the statistics, the General Manager informed that around 46 complaints are received each day, out of which around 16% pertain to frontline staff. The other complaints cover areas such as catering and vending services, reservation related issues, enquiry offices, luggage/parcel grievances and corrupt practices, etc. Steps have been taken to handle the same with utmost speed and ensure that feedback reaches the complainants. Although, complaints against the frontline staff have reduced in the first two months of the current fiscal, as compared to the previous year, there can be no let up in improving SCR’s performance in this aspect, Shri Ravindra Gupta emphasized and said that no dereliction of duty by the frontline staff will be accepted, when it comes to serving the rail customers. Advising the Ticket-Checking staff that they are the representatives of the Railways in the trains, he wanted that they present themselves properly and also oversee the contract staff by trains, so as to stop any wrong doing o­n their part.
Dr. M.C.Das, Management Consultant who addressed the gathering of frontline staff o­n “Customer Care” made a strong pitch for the employees to feel proud of their association with Indian Railways, o­ne of the biggest organisations in the country. He wanted the staff to analyse this strength of their organisation and exert hard to ensure that a demand is created for the rail services in the market, in the present day scenario. Emphasising that customers are the most important component of Railways, he advised the Railway staff to understand that the customers too carry their emotions & feelings and expect responsible service from the Railways. Dr. Das sought the frontline rail staff to be courteous and accesible to the customers, identifying their needs and attending to them as a duty.
Yet another speaker, Shri S. Sampath Kumar, Vice President, Training, C&K Management Limited spoke o­n “Customer Empathy” and highlited the fact that being sensitive to the customer will go a long way in understanding them better. With the growth of Railways being phenomenal, it is o­nly the small issues which make customers unhappy and therefore need to be tackled with care and concern so as to always present the positive side of Railways. Citing various case studies, he wanted that a mutual bond of respect and trust be developed between the rail staff and the customers. Towards this, the frontline staff shall understand why the customers reach out to them, consider their view points, listen attentively and involve the customers for a amiable solution.
Shri R.Dhananjayulu, Chief Group General Manager, CONCOR, SC Zone presented his views o­n “Customer Care o­n Indian Railways” and stated that the challenge for Railways is unique and different as compared to other service industries. Pointing out the multi-departmental dependance visible in rail services, he advised the Railway staff to focus o­n enhanced co-ordination and take care of customers to improve the Railways brand image. He also opined that there is a paradigm shift in customer focus o­n the Railways, o­n account ofthe Social Media explosion and said that feedback mechanisim is very important to develop the confidence of rail customers. The frontline Railway staff shall also think in terms of giving more attention to specific segemnts of Railway customers such as the Physically challenged passengers, sick passengers, senior citizens, women passengers travelling with children, passengers travelling in trains running delayed, passengers who have suffered some loss in terms of theft, accidents, injury etc., since they deserve extra care, he averred.
A interactive session followed the Seminar, where Shri Ravindra Gupta, General Manager, SCR; Shri P. Ganeshwara Rao, Chief Commercial Manager, SCR and the eminent set of speakers present, took questions from across all sections of the audience. Several question were raised by all the categories of frontline Railway Staff, to which the General Manager answered, specifically dwelling o­n the fact that objective in entirety should be to ensure ‘Customer Care to the optimal’. The General Manager advised various departments to develop enhanced co-ordination mechanism so as to ensure that all facilities for passengers at Stations and in Trains are working and available for use, which indirectly will ease the pressure o­n frontline staff.  
Shri Ashesh Agarwal, Divisional Railway Manager, Secunderabad Division; Smt. Aruna Singh, Divisional Railway Manager, Hyderabad Division and a host of Principal Heads of Departments were present. Shri B. Vijaya Bhaskar, Chief Commercial Manager, Catering & Passenger Services, SCR co-ordinated the Seminar, while Shri D.Narsing Rao, Deputy Chief Commercial Manager, General presented the vote of thanks. 

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