Jun 8, 2016

Indian Railways respond to medical emergency on-board Shridi bound train, earn accolades from father on social media

Since Suresh Prabhu took charge of Minister of Railways, he has been using social media effectively in order to upgrade the services of Indian Railways. There have been several instances when officials of Indian Railways came to help travellers just after their one tweet to Suresh Prabhu. Similar incident happened with Minaketan Pati when Indian Railways exhibited exceptional service to save the life of his son. Minaketan Pati’s Facebook post describing the whole incident is going viral on social media.
On May 27, Minaketan Pati along with his family was travelling to Shirdi from Mumbai by Mumbai CST-Shirdi Fast Passenger train (51033). During the journey, Pati’s three-year-old son started vomiting and his condition deteriorated with time. Around 7 AM, Patis’ son stopped responding after which he approached the TTE for help. The TTE contacted the next station and informed the officials there about the emergency. After TTE was informed about the situation, Pati and family noticed that the train had started moving faster. The train, which was running a bit late, reached Ahmadnagar station 20 minutes before scheduled arival time.
Pati and family took a sigh of relief to find police, paramedics and some staff from the railways waiting near their bogie at Ahmadnagar station. The sick boy was taken to the nearby hospital where he went under treatment. Thanks to quick response of the Indian Railways, Pati’s son recovered by that evening.
“I sincerely thank the TTE, Ahmadnagar station authority, Ministry of Railways for swift action and this transformation with human touch. Really “Aachhe Din” is coming for Railway passengers,” stated Minaketan Pati.

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