Jun 6, 2016

Signalling system in Palakkad rail stations modernised

Yard remodelled and electronic interlocking system completed at station

Operational efficiency of Palakkad Railway Junction, which functions as a gateway to Kerala, has improved with the completion of yard remodelling and other modernisation works.

The electronic interlocking system, which will replace the prevailing route relay interlocking system, was completed on Saturday.

The station now has direct access to platform from its main entry. Practically, it will be an additional platform that can connect trains bound for southern Tamil Nadu via Pollachi.

The signalling system for train movement in Palakkad Junction and Palakkad Town stations has been modernised.

The ‘token’ system of signalling in this section has been replaced with track circuiting-based signalling system.

Now, the station master can receive or dispatch trains through fully computerised visual display units.

Track length of platforms one and two has been increased from 650 metres to 715 metres to receive long rake trains, especially goods trains.

The newly built direct entry platform with ramp facility will be 600 metres long, capable of accommodating 26-coach trains.

The length of track number 10, used for loading and unloading goods, was increased to release 42 wagons simultaneously, instead of the prevailing 32 wagons.

The modernisation would help extend trains plying on the Palakkad-Pollachi section to the Palakkad Junction station from the Town station.
source - the hindu