Jul 28, 2016

R & D Units of the Ministry of Railways

Research, Designs and Standards Organization (RDSO), situated at Lucknow, is the sole Research and Development (R&D) organisation of Indian Railways and functions as the technical advisor to Railway Board and Zonal Railways. The aims and objectives assigned to RDSO include the following:

 Development of new and improved designs of systems and equipments
 Development, adoption and absorption of new technology for use on Indian Railways

 Development of overall system standards
 Development of specifications for equipment, components & materials
 Testing and Recommending authority for Statutory clearances (including Metro system)
 Assistance in technical investigations
 Quality Assurance of delegated items

Some of the important work done by RDSO, during the past three years, are listed below:
 Advance Warning System (Radio Based) to pre-warn road user about approaching trains at unmanned level crossing gate
 Crashworthy design of coach

 Fog PASS (Pilot Assistance System for Safety) with enhanced features
 Development of indigenous Advanced Auxiliary Warning System (AAWS)
 Development of satellite based accident site communication system
 Development of double decker coach design
 High capacity milk tank van
 Upgradation of existing wagons to 25t
 Development of energy efficient HOG (Head on Generation) train power system for Indian Railways in electric locos
 Development of WDG5 locomotive for increasing throughput
 Development of 9000 HHP locomotive for DFCCIL Western Corridor
 Development of Crew Voice and Video Recording System(CVVRS)
 Operation of Gatimaan Express
 Design & development of new wagon for salt loading
 Design & development of auto car wagon
 Development of world-class Interiors in ICF type coaches
 Differently-abled passenger coaches
 Broadband internet on running trains through two-way satellite communication
 Development of Integrated passenger information system (PIS) for mainline and EMU coaches
 Environment friendly coach toilet discharge system
 Introduction of biodiesel over IR
 Introduction of natural gas operated trains over IR

The total budget allocated to RDSO is as under (in Crores):  

Financial year
Budget allotment (Revenue & Capital)

This Press Release is based on the information given by the Minister of State for Railways Shri Rajen Gohain in a written reply to a question in Lok Sabha

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