Jul 27, 2016

Ritu Beri offers Four Themes to design Uniform for Railwaymen

Ritu Beri
Fashion designer Ritu Beri, who was roped in by the Railway Ministry to design a new uniform for railwaymen, today offered four themes based on Indian culture and ethos which can be used to come up with new clothing.

The idea behind the new uniform, the Ministry said today, is to instill a sense of pride and belonging in railwaymen.The first option Beri gave is based on the ethos of India based on tribal art.

The second option is based on rustic coins and currency of the ‘golden period’ of the country and the third is based on the legacy of nawabs.

Inspired by the pop art, the final option has been classified as vibrant soul of India. It fuses everyday elements of culture, business, music and entertainment.

At a presentation made before Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu and the Railway Board, Beri suggested running a competition to seek feedback from citizens and staff on different options.

Prabhu now plans to carry out consultations with stakeholders, including with the unions.

A committee will be set up to evaluate design, study different options, pricing and suitability, an official statement said here.

Ritu Beri has been selected for the project to design uniform for Indian Railways’ employees. The fashion designer took up the task after meeting rail minister Suresh Prabhu recently in Delhi. Prabhu had announced the sartorial overhaul in his budget speech this year and wants his employees, 1.3 million of them, in new clothes, by December. Beri has promised to do it for free.

She is theLuxury League Founder of ‘Make in India’. She is also Advisor to Khadi Board.