Aug 8, 2016

City railway junction to get escalators, lifts and roof over all platforms

Coimbatore: The Salem divisional railway manager, Hari Shankar Verma, on Sunday promised to install lifts and escalators at Coimbatore Junction, and also cover all platforms with roofs. He was in the city to inspect the facilities and ongoing civic works at the Coimbatore railway junction.

"The lifts and escalators will be open to the public from January 1, 2017. All platforms will have a roof by March 31, 2017," the divisional railway manager (DRM) said.

"The work on widening the subway is also in progress. It will also be completed by March 31, 2017," he added.

When asked about the amount being on spent on improving the facilities at Coimbatore Junction, Verma said, "We are spending 7 crore, of which 6 crore is being spent on installing lifts and escalators. The remaining 1 crore is being spent on civil works."

Speaking about Coimbatore slipping down from ninth to 13th position in cleanliness ranking, Verma said, "The staff at Coimbatore is doing their best to keep the coaches, linen and the station premises clean. But, residents of Coimbatore should also support them in maintaining the station and trains," he said.

The DRM also said that they have proposed to install bio toilets on the Cheran Express and that the cleaning of all toilets on the train would be completed by October 31.

"Our main focus is to provide clean toilets on trains. The work on cleaning the toilets of Cheran Express (Coimbatore to Chennai) and Yercaud Express (Erode to Chennai) is in progress. We expect it to be completed by October 31," said Verma after finishing the inspection.

The DRM pointed out that the main issue was cleaning the flooring. "We are facing some difficulties in procuring the material for repairing the floor," Verma said. The materials are supplied by an in-house facility, the workshop at Perambur. "We have also proposed to install bio-toilets on Cheran Express," he added.

There are five rakes of Cheran Express, which also runs as Navjeevan Express from Chennai to Ahmedabad, officials said.


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