Sep 11, 2016

Tatkal bookings jump on IRCTC Lite site


Lucknow (LKO): Booking an e-ticket during rush tatkal hours can be easier with IRCTC Lite, a new facility launched by the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC).

To improve service and to reduce traffic and unnecessary hits during peak hours, IRCTC has launched IRCTC Lite during tatkal period which is from 10am to 12 noon. The new service is effective from 9:30am.
To make service faster, all the links, images, ads, services, features which are not helping or not required at the time of premium tatkal ticket booking have been removed from the home page.

“We launched it a month back and it is successful,” said Jt.GM-PR/IRCTC, Pradip Kundu.

In the first hour of Tatkal booking (10am to 11am) the earlier average booking before the introduction of the “IRCTC Lite” was around 48,000, which has now jumped to more than 58,000.

The earlier two hourly (10am to 12 noon) Tatkal booking average was around 83,000, which has now become more than 92,000 with the IRCTC Lite.

Agent login is not available during Tatkal period. For Agent cancellation a separate link is given on home page.

In the Services section the “Plan My Travel” is made more efficient and faster in fetching of “From” and “To” stations for Auto Complete Feature.

In “My Transactions” section “Cancelled history”, “TDR History” and “Refund Status of Cancelled Tickets” are not available and thus reduce the unnecessary hits to the site. Although the other facilities in this section like Booked History, Print E- Ticket, Cancel E-ticket / Refund, Refund Status of Failed Transactions are made available as before.

Similarly, in the User Profile the “Update profile”, “Master list of passenger”, “Passenger travel list” and in the General section the “Terms and Conditions”, “TDR procedure” are removed to make the site faster and easily accessible.

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