Oct 1, 2016

Does The Risky Choice of Crossing A Railway Line Make Any Sense?

It’s one of those niggling problems that never seem to go away and conversations around which always end in the realisation that only a shift in the mindset of people can truly stop the erroneous behaviour: People crossing busy railway tracks despite warning signs and texts, despite the obvious risk associated in the event of an oncoming train.

Why do they do that? What is the cognitive behaviour here that needs to be changed to prime the people for a new behavioural pattern?

Economists Vivek Dahejia and Rupa Subramanya answer questions like these and many others which plague modern India, questions which are almost always answered by a defeated “We are like this only”. Using behavioural economics, the two attempt to explain the unexpected oddities of India in the 21st century and offer fittingly innovative solutions to some of the problems we face.
Source - The quint

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