Oct 8, 2016

Multilevel car parking to be set up at Coimbatore Junction railway station

COIMBATORE: Southern Railway has decided to set up a multilevel car parking at the back entrance of the Coimbatore Junction railway station.

The structure is not only expected to create more parking space for vehicles but also increase usage of the Goodshed Road entrance to the station. The railways has begun speaking to corporates and entrepreneurs in the city to find people who can set up and operate the facility.
The divisional railway manager (DRM), Salem division, met with the Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Coimbatore (ICCIC) to discuss corporate participation in setting up the multilevel car parking facility.

"We are open to it being set up as a public-private partnership (PPP), build operate and transfer (BOT) or even with contributions from companies which can be probably be done as part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities," said the DRM Hari Shekhar Verma. "However, the chamber members said only a build operate and transfer (BOT) model would work for the chamber. We are fine to it," he said.

"The multilevel car parking lot is expected to hold anywhere between 350 and 500 cars, based on the railway's requirements. The back entrance can accommodate around 150 cars. We are looking to double or triple the capacity soon because the front entrance parking lot is saturated and people now hesitate to bring their vehicles," said the DRM.

"However, cost is a factor, because each car park costs Rs 2.8 lakh to Rs 3 lakh," he said. "Issuing of parking tickets and operation of the facility will be computerised and mechanized. So the question of passengers getting fleeced too does not happen," he added. A similar parking system can be seen at G Kuppusamy Naidu Memorial (GKNM) Hospital.

The car park at the Goodshed Road entrance is also a move to decongest the front entrance of the station on the State Bank Road. "We also plan to set up a small cafe on the back entrance, so along with the parking, it is another incentive for people to use the back entrance," said Verma.
Source - Times of India

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