Oct 16, 2016

Uri attack prompts Railways to become part of Integrated Command Control Centre


integrated-control-centerNew Delhi: Getting wiser after the terror attack on Army brigade headquarters in Uri, the government is planning to constitute state of the art integrated control centres (ICC) in both the home ministry and defence ministry to get real time information of any exigency and plan quick response to it.
The Integrated Control Centre (ICC) will have nodes from all the key agencies and departments like Central Water Commission, Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC), Indian National Center for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS), Geological Survey of India (GSI) Army, Navy, Air Force and national disaster response force (NDRF), and Indian Railways.

Its stakeholders will also include ministries of PMO, agriculture, civil aviation, railways, civil supplies, defence and home etc. that will be put on prompt SMS groups for quick action in time any exigency.
Headed by a senior official, preferably of the level of joint secretary, the ICC shall have at least 10-12 domain expert from every related field on 24X7 basis, sources said.
“The idea is to have a seamless sharing of information in real time of any disaster natural or manmade, terror attack, big accident or riot from village/local level to the Centre and responding to it in quickest possible time. To do this we have to do away with the current control room and disaster management centre and replace them with state of art studio having equipment and domain experts,” said a senior official.
Sources said that the ICC has been approved in principle by the home ministry and would be implemented soon by subsuming the control centres at national disaster management authority (NDMA) and in house disaster management.
“The two full-fledged integrated control centres in home and defence ministries will be used for reaching at a unified decision at central government level including giving command to NDRF, Army and sending requests to friendly countries for international requirements, sources said.
Care will be taken to make it fully professional and SOPs are being drafted so that it has work culture where not a single mishap goes unnoticed and is attended to promptly, added the source.

Integrated Command and Control Centre – a Necessity for India

Various Indian Organizations, as part of integrated command and control centre, now move their physical security devices from closed proprietary networks to IP-based networks to increase situational awareness and respond efficiently to incidents. The facility will have a single dashboard style interface for all unique physical security needs. Various OEMs and System Integrators’ provide Physical Security Services – Command and Control Center solution provides a single, scalable graphical user interface to help integrate, manage and maintain all existing physical security systems and assets.


Service detail

Do this require to ensure high levels of physical security without significantly growing your security personnel or budget? Lack of inter-operability between multiple, disparate security systems can significantly impact the smooth functioning of various organisations in sensitive geographies, the ecosystem business and operational efficiency of various state and central organisations and eventually drive up costs. To meet the physical security needs, India need a single, graphical interface that enables proper control of security devices, report on incidents and manage compliance.
Integrated command and control center solution will be designed to provide the ability to control, monitor and maintain disparate security systems and assets through rapid development of a customized graphical user interface. An open, non-proprietary architecture helps increase situational awareness through integration of existing security infrastructure. Centralized and simplified operational control and reporting can help optimize investments and reduce costs. By enabling organisations build automated security policies and response plans, Centre to help manage all aspects including compliance and with system design, implementation, training and support services.
It was opined that the Centre, may rope in Hyderabad based National Institute of Smart Governance (NISG) as Consultant for the Integrated Command Control Centre, said a top official from Ministry of Home Affairs, requesting anonymity.

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