Dec 10, 2016

“Public Participation is essential to fight against corruption”

Public participation plays an important role in curtailing corruption, said Hon’ble Mr. Justice N.Kumar while he was addressing the seminar o­n “Public Participation in Promoting Integrity and Eradicating Corruption” organized by vigilance organization of South Western Railway.  People should utilize the avenues of Right to information Act, 2005 and information is essential to fight against corruption.  Requisite information definitely empowers the movement.  Information is an antidote of corruption, he added.
Lack of transparency is an opportunity for corruption. Improvement of transparency in public service diminishes corruption, he observed.We can achieve good governance through transparency. As a public servant, we must discharge our assigned job, he reminded.If we cannot think beyond our family, can we minimize corruption? he asked.
Indian Railway is responsive to the needs of public.It’s a well sensitized organization and discharges its duties well. Railway have good infrastructure for catering service to nation.Mr. Justice Kumar appreciated the website of South Western Railway for providing more information.Regular preventive checks done by vigilance department are a good initiative in this direction.Railways have a good track record of vigilance and making attempts to correct the shortcomings. Nowadays, Indian railways offering best possible service to its stakeholders under the new minister Mr. Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu.
Eradication of corruption is impossible but we can prevent by minimizing it. In India the entire society is stinking with corruption; politicians, bureaucracy, judiciary and walks of life, he concluded.
Shri A.K. Gupta, General Manager, South Western Railway briefed that South Western Railway offering better service through transparency.  In this direction SWR implemented
e-procurement, e-auction, e-tendering etc., and conducting examinations for recruitments under CCTV surveillance. SWR publishes the status of public grievances and status of bills & payments in our websites to ensure transparency in administration. SWR conducts periodical preventive checks in mass contact areas.
Shri. S.S.Soin, Additional General Manager, South Western Railway also addressed the seminar. Shri Gajanan Mallya, Senior Deputy General Manager& Chief Vigilance Officer descried previous years achievements and performances of the department and welcomed the gathering. Shri K.K.Goswami, Deputy Chief Vigilance Officer paid vote of thanks.
                                                                                     Chief Public Relations Officer

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