Dec 31, 2016

Suresh Prabhu returns to basics to improve railway safety

KOLKATA: On Thursday evening, a senior railway officer had rued the fact that Suresh Prabhu may have the capability of heading a modern corporate house but has no idea about the running of the Indian Railways. A day later, on Friday, during a video conference with all general managers, including those of the Eastern, South Eastern and Metro Railways in Kolkata, Prabhu emphasised on 'Going Back to Basics' and instructed strict adherence to rules, manuals and codal provisions relating to train operations and maintenance of assets like tracks and rolling stock.
The series of accidents in the last couple of months that claimed several lives seems to have been playing on his when he stressed upon the need to ensure safety at all levels of functioning. He also made it clear that divisional railway managers must comply with inspections and super-checks conducted by branch officers and supervisors. All safety-related activity has to be monitored during weekly meetings in all divisions and zones. Safety departments will also have to continuously highlight the safety-related shortcomings until they are resolved.

"During the conference, the railway minister stressed upon a number of safety related actions, which must be followed. He made it clear that no fittings can be missing and integrated blocks will have to be taken for maintenance work of overhead equipment, signalling and tracks. This has to be done for smooth and cohesive maintenance. Proper huts and bright lights will have to be provided for proper rolling-in examination of trains. Loco pilots will have to be counselled effectively by loco inspectors. Most importantly, all caution boards, overhead number plates and signal sighting boards must be retro-reflective," a senior ER official said.

Prabhu also said that a high-level task force will be constituted to improve safety across Indian Railways. This will be under the chairmanship of Arun Saxena, general manager, North Central Railway. The role of this task force will be to suggest systems and processes to improve safety.
Source - Times Of India

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