Dec 22, 2016

Two Express Trains Rescheduled on 23rd December, 2016

Image result for Train No.12715 H.S. Nanded-Amritsar Sachkhand Express & Train No.06335 Guwahati- Kochuveli Special Train Rescheduled

1.Train No. 12723 Hyderabad – New Delhi Telangana Express scheduled to depart Hyderabad at 06:25 hrs o­n 23rdDecember, 2016 is rescheduled to depart at 7:55 hrs o­nthe same day, due to late running of its pairing train.

2.Train No. 12715 H.S.Nanded–Amritsar Sachkand Express scheduled to depart H.S.Nanded at 09:30 hrs on 23rd December, 2016is rescheduled to depart at 21:00 hrs onthe same day, due to late running of its pairing train.

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