Dec 15, 2016

Ultrasonic Fault Detection Machine in Railways

Ultrasonic Flaw Detection Testing is a non-destructive testing with Ultrasonic waves to detect the minor inner flaws in rails and welds and is carried out as per provisions of “Manual for Ultrasonic Testing of Rails and Welds-2012”. In trolley inspection, physical condition of track, its components and other track-side railway infrastructure are inspected manually.

Fractures in railway tracks can also be detected by Ultrasonic Flaw Detection (USFD) Machines but fractures are detected visually. Primarily USFD is carried out to detect inner flaws in rails and welds. The details of the examination of rails by USFD testing done during the last two years and current year upto October, 2016 on Indian Railways are as under :-
2014-15 - 356268 km
2015-16 - 364356 km
2016 (upto October, 2016) - 219752 km
This Press Release is based on the information given by the Minister of State for Railways Shri Rajen Gohain in a written reply to a question in Lok Sabha 

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