Jan 5, 2017

Mumbai: Central Railway gets more CCTV cameras inside women’s compartments

Mumbai: The Central Railway (CR) has received an approval to install 50 Close-Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV) in compartments reserved for women to ensure their safety after reports of thefts inside the coaches.

According to the railway officials, so far the CCTV cameras are installed in four trains and the work is in process for installing the cameras in the remaining 12 trains. More than three cameras have been installed in each train. The cameras are being installed at the Matunga workshop.
“The railway board has come up with a plan of installing the CCTV cameras after spurt of incidents reported on chain snatching and theft cases inside compartments reserved for women,” said Narendra Patil, the Chief Public Relations Officer (CPRO), Central Railways.

Patil also added that there were also incidents reported of drug addicts entering the women’s compartment and misbehaving with them.

However, the women commuters said that these CCTV cameras were an intrusion in their privacy.

“We always tend to sit comfortably when in women’s compartment knowing that there are only women around us. Though railways have installed the cameras for our own safety, it has made us more conscious when now that we know we are being watched,” said Sujata Rao, a woman commuter at Kurla station.

Few women commuters also felt that there was no need of the cameras since there is always a police guard at night, posted in the women’s compartment.

“I feel that a police guard was more than sufficient to deter miscreants from misbehaving with other women commuters and there is no need of CCTV cameras,” said Sonali Deb, a woman commuter at Dadar.

Patil reassured the women’s concern that this footage will not be displayed anywhere else and no intrusion of women’s safety, it is only to catch the offenders on time.

“This footage will only be used as an evidence to catch the criminals in case of any incidents of thefts, molestation or attack that are committed inside the compartments,” said Patil.
Source - Free press journal.