Feb 4, 2017

Kerala gives a thumbs up to high-speed rail

Survey claims 86% of participants support the project

The majority of people in the State support the proposed 430-km high speed railway line (HSR) between Kochuveli in Thiruvananthapuram and Kannur, if a survey conducted in 11 districts is any indication.
The survey held for Kerala High Speed Rail Corporation Limited (KHSRCL), a public limited company floated by the government to execute the project, has found that 86% of the participants supported the project.

The survey was conducted using the systematic random methodology by Gurgaon-based Centre for Forecasting & Research (Cfore) between November 23, 2016 and January 14 this year. The findings of the survey that covered 110 Assembly constituencies and the report had been submitted to the KHSRCL, chief executive of Cfore, Premchand Palety, said.

Hassle-free travel

The Rs. 1,27,849-crore project is aimed at making travel hassle-free and at reducing congestion on State roads.

In all, 73% of the respondents were aware of the project and 88% of them approved of it.

Mr. Paelty said 82% of those who were unaware approved of it when the interviewer explained it to them. The approval rating was over 80%.

Reduced travel time

Reducing the time taken to travel across the State and the air pollution and the corridor turning a catalyst for development are the advantages. Those who opposed the project said large-scale acquisition of land and displacement of families would be needed.

13,447 interviewed

A total of 100-120 voters from each Assembly segment in the districts were interviewed. The respondents were randomly selected from the voters’ list using a special software. In all, 13,447 people, one voter from each household, were interviewed.

Through the survey, the authorities are trying to counter the opposition that may come up against land acquisition and dissent against development projects.

As much as 1,155.57 hectares of private land has to be acquired, 3,868 residential/commercial structures relocated, and 36,923 trees felled as per the DPR prepared by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation.

In 45 minutes in Kochi

With trains running at a maximum speed of 300 km per hour, a journey to Kollam will take only 20 minutes, Kochi 45 minutes, Kozhikode 90 minutes, and Kannur 120 minutes. Kollam, Chengannur, Kottayam, Kochi, Thrissur, Valancherry, Kozhikode, and Kannur are the stations proposed. - The Hindu