Mar 8, 2017

Railway traffic hit after train runs over five buffaloes near Mumbai

It took time to remove the carcasses strewn all over the tracks after the mishap.(Pic for Representation)

Train traffic was hit after Jaipur-Bandra Superfast Express ran over five buffaloes near Narangi Phata in Virar on Tuesday around 1pm.

In the incident, the cattle guard of the engine got damaged and had to be replaced. Traffic got stuck as the train was awaiting clearance.
Traffic was diverted to a single track. Normally when cattle hit the cattle guard, the animals usually get thrown away, but since buffaloes are heavy, they got entangled and the guard got damaged. It took time to remove the carcasses strewn all over the tracks after the mishap.

Mukul Jain,DRM,Western Railway, said, “We will file a case against the unknown owners of the buffaloes with the RPF,Virar for endangering rail safety as per policy.”

When asked about the barricading the entire Mumbai-Ahmedabad section to avoid such cases,Jain said it is not possible as such barricading can be done only for trains that run at a speed of more than 160 kmph and such barricading is done only on Delhi-Agra route. “On WR the maximum speed of trains such as Rajdhani,August Kranti Rajdhani, Shatabdi and other super fast trains run at around maximum 110 to 130 kmph,” said WR officials. The Jaipur superfast train is delayed by nearly two hours due to the mishap. - Hindustan Times

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