Jun 21, 2017

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation to cater for all Chandigarh trains

CHANDIGARH: You will soon be able to order your favourite food while boarding the Chandigarh-New Delhi Shatabdi. From south Indian to north Indian and from non-vegetarian to chinese, everything will be available on board to the passengers of all trains departing from Chandigarh. 

The union railway ministry has decided to give the responsibility of catering of all 53 trains plying from the city to the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC). At present, 74 trains of the Ambala division, under which Chandigarh station also comes, were covered under the e-catering facility through which passengers can order from various menus available online. Earlier, only 40 trains were covered under the IRCTC e-catering.
Regional director, IRCTC, Gulshan said that the process of transfer of catering of all trains has already started and they are expecting that in the next two months the catering of all trains, which are plying from Chandigarh, will be transferred to them. The railway authorities are working on the modalities in this regard.

He said that though the catering would be transferred to the IRCTC but those contractors whose contract period had not completed will continue their services on the respective trains. He said that at present trains where e-catering facility was available there were complaints about non-delivery of food and delay in delivery about which the IRCTC was trying to streamline the system.

Records of the railways revealed that in past in three Shatabdis plying between Chandigarh and New Delhi a large number of complaints were received about food quality. As per the railway records, for every 1,000 passengers in 12005/06 train 1.6 complaints were received per day, in 12011/12 train there were 2.2 complaints and in 12045/46 train 4.7 complaints were received last year by the authorities through various channels.
Source - Times Of India

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