Jul 29, 2017


Shri A. K. Gupta, General Manager - W. Rly presided over the co-ordination meeting of GRP & RPF personnels to address the issues concerning the safety & security in  Western Railway and also proposed various innovative measures to enhance the level of security, to the satisfaction of the passengers. In a meeting held at W. Rly Headquarters, Churchgate o­n Friday, 28th July, 2017, a review of various safety related matters were discussed, which was attended by IG cum Chief Security Commissioner of RPF, DIG (Railways) Gujarat & Maharashtra, ADG (Railways) Gujarat & Maharashtra,  SRP/ Indore, SRP/ Vadodara, SSP/Indore, SSP/ Vadodara, Sr. DSCs of all Divisions & other senior officers,.

Shri Gupta stressed o­n various security aspects, including timely and satisfactory redressal of complaints and setting up of a foolproof mechanism to convey the details of the complaints and grievances received to the escort team of security personnels for speedy action.  He also emphasized the need to share the various good works performed by RPF & GRP staff such as recovery & returning the lost/ misplaced luggage, finding missing/ runaway persons, rescuing minors/ women, etc by sharing the details o­n social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. This would instill a sense of confidence among the passengers. Another aspect o­n which he laid stress was the anti-social activities such as stone pelting, sand mining, cable theft. The number of stone-pelting cases is also o­n the rise, especially in the state of Maharashtra, which is a matter of concern, and has to be curbed. Similarly, sand mining cases is also a major concern as this illegal activity can lead to washing out of earth near the piers of railway bridges which can result in untoward incidents. The cases of cable thefts are also o­n the rise, which may seem to be a petty theft but it can have adverse consequences in the train operations & movement. Hence, it has been instructed by Shri Gupta to lodge FIR cases against such crimes & efforts to be made to recover also the losses due to additional operational cost incurred. He said that social evils like trespassing has also need to be curbed. He also cited that thefts are also being reported at various locations and is more prevalent between the state boundaries. Proper liasoning has to be undertaken between both the state police authorities. Shri Gupta also suggested to examine the possibility of introduction of  novel concept called “e – Patrolling” to keep a track of the movements of the escort security personnel deputed o­n duty. This will enable the authorities to not o­nly keep a watch o­n the security staff but also will help in directing the complaints/ grievances to the concerned personnel and will help in early redressal of the same. This system is currently in place by the Security Deptt. of GRP/Vadadara and should be emulated in other areas also.
The GRP & RPF officials also put forth some suggestions during this meeting for effective implementation of security measures. They emphasized that CCTV cameras play a major role & are helpful in detecting more than 30% cases of crime. Hence, priority should be given to increase the number of CCTV cameras over the railway premises to avoid black points in these areas. Secondly, it was suggested by GRP officials that in the upcoming Rail Station Development plans, proper infrastructure should be incorporated in order to address various security aspects as well as safety concerns. Further, it was also put forth that proper police verification of the frontline staff hired by the private contractors should be conducted, especially, those having direct contact with the public and passengers & GRP will facilitate in expediting these verifications.