Jul 25, 2017

Humsafar passengers’ woes continue

Image result for Humsafar passengers’Travellers from Vizag have to shell out more
A Twitter user described the recently introduced Bhubaneswar-Krishnarajapuram Hamsafar Express as “Hum Suffer for rail users of Visakhapatnam”. The railways say dynamic fare is applicable on this train. When an RTI activist K. Eswar wondered how the fare from VSKP to KJM as much higher than that from BBS to KJM, while the distance from Visakhapatnam was 444 km lesser, the DRM KUR tweeted ‘as per extant railway rules of dynamic fare, the fare from VSKP to KJM is higher than BBS-KJM’.

The Indian Railway website www.indianrail.gov.in , however, shows the total fare from Visakhapatnam to KJM on 22833 as ₹1365 for July 24, without any mention of the dynamic fare. “The railway authorities say the dynamic fare is reflected in the IRCTC website and not on Indian Railway website only. This is nothing but giving false information to passengers,” says Mr. Eswar.
“There is hardly any demand for this train from Bhubaneswar but the quota of berths allocated from there is very high while the quota allocated to Visakhapatnam is very less despite the good demand. Lack of berth quota increases the demand and higher dynamic fare and overall increase in total fare,” say rail users.

Rail users from Visakhapatnam demand regularisation of the direct train from Visakhapatnam to Yesvantpur Special and making it a daily train in view of the high demand from Visakhapatnam to Bengaluru.

The CAG report on the poor quality of food supplied in trains has once again brought into focus the sorry state of affairs. It may be recalled that The Hindu had suggested nearly three years ago on the need to shift the food racks in railway coaches, which are located close to the toilets and the wash basin, which gives scope for spillage of water on the stacked food.

The food suppliers arrange the meal plates and casseroles in the racks in each of the coaches, much before they are actually distributed to passengers. There is a danger of cockroaches and other insects creeping into the plates and nibbling the food material before they reach the passenger.

The IRCTC was fined ₹1 lakh as a cockroach was found in the food supplied to a passenger and nine other catering contractors were also fined ₹11 lakh for supplying sub-standard food in various trains in August 2014.

One of the points raised by the CAG in its report was the food material kept on the floor and near the toilets on three trains. Looks like the railways have not learnt a lesson on food hygiene even after three years.
Source - The Hindu

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