Jul 4, 2017

Safety Awards Presented to Alert Staff by Shri Vinod Kumar Yadav, General Manager, SCR

Shri Vinod Kumar Yadav, General Manager, South Central Railwaypresented “Man of the Month” safety awards to Shri K.Prabhakar, Night Petrol Man, Secunderabad Division and Shri P.Ashok Kumar, Technician, Vijayawada Division for showing alertness in the duty and taking timely action to prevent unsafe conditions.

Shri Vinod Kumar Yadav conducted a detailed review meeting o­n Safety and Punctuality of the zone today i.e., 3rdJuly, 2017 at Rail Nilayam, Secunderabad along with Principle Heads of Departments. Divisional Railway Manager’s (DRMs) of the Vijayawada, Guntakal, Guntur and Addl. Divisional Railway Managers(ADRMs) of Secunderabad, Hyderabad and Nanded Divisions participated through video conference.

The General Manager while reviewing the safety aspects of the Zone, called upon all the Zonal and Divisional officials to take proper advance measures to ensure the safety and prevent unsafe incidences. He also advised that all the loco drivers should be issued proper instructions related to visibility keeping the monsoon season in view, as part of ensuring safety at the Manned and Unmanned Level crossings.

Shri Vinod Kumar Yadav discussing o­n the aspect of punctuality, instructed the DRMs to keep focus o­n Loco and Signal failures effecting the punctuality and make an action plan to improve the punctuality.He also stressed o­n the need to identify the root causes for asset failures and take corrective action and bring out System Improvements. While discussing o­n the speed restrictions he instructed the officials to review the position and remove the speed restrictions where ever possible to improve punctuality.

Shri John Thomas, Addl.General Manger, Shri S.N.Singh, Principal ChiefEngineer; Shri D.K. Singh, Chief Safety Officer; Shri N. Madhusudana Rao, Chief Operations Manager; Smt. Padmini Radhakrishnan, FA & CAO; Shri Arjun Mundia, Chief Mechanical Engineer; Shri M.G.Sekharam, Chief Commercial Manager; Shri A.A.Phadke, Chief Electrical Engineer; Shri P.K.Sangewar, Controller of Stores; Dr. K.H.K.Dora, Chief Medical Director; Shri Sanjay Sankrityayan, Chief Security Commissioner; Shri B.Nagya, Chief Freight Traffic Manager, Smt.K.Padmaja, Chief Passenger Transport Manager were amongst the officials present.

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