Aug 9, 2017

Panchkula side of Chandigarh railway station in need of upkeep

 Chandigarh railway station's entry from Panchkula side has been lying in a neglected state. It lacks not only civic amenities for the passengers but is also unsafe during late evening. During a visit to the station, it was found that there was only one washroom on Panchkula side, which passengers were not able to use as it remained unclean mostly.
The passengers have been parking their vehicles at their own risk as no parking contractor has been allotted recently. With no CCTV cameras installed on Panchkula side, the chances of entry of anti-social elements in the station increases. No metal detectors have been installed at the entry points on Panchkula side.

A K Ahir, a resident of Sector 20 said authorities have been neglecting the Panchkula side area of the station, which has reduced to a shabby state. He further complained that the authorities have not come up with beautification plans for the area. He suggested that if the Panchkula side of the station is maintained properly, it would lessen the traffic chaos on Chandigarh side of the railway station. Alleging that as all VIPs use the front side of the station, he said authorities show no concern for the other side.

Residents have been demanding renaming the part of the railway station falling under Panchkula as Panchkula railway station so that state government initiates an action to improve the facilities provided as the UT administration has been allegedly ignoring it since long.

In 2012, there had been a proposal to construct eight rooms on Panchkula side of the station, which included waiting rooms and administrative block for accommodating the staff. As per the proposal, four rooms were to be used as waiting rooms, two each for general category and first class commuters. In rest of the four rooms, administrative staff of the railways including deputy station superintendent and ticketing staff were to be accommodated. However, after the proposal of a world class station, the project proposed for Panchkula came to a standstill.

Northern railway general manager R K Kulshrestha was informed by officials that a separate entry and exit for Panchkula side is on the cards. Railway protection force assistant security commissioner N M Vaishist said a detailed proposal to add hi-tech equipment for the security of both Chandīgarh and Panchkula side of the railway station has been sent to the higher authorities for a final nod. As per the proposal, luggage scanner and metal detector will be installed on Panchkula side of the station too.
Source - Times Of India

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