Aug 12, 2017

EMPLOYEE NEWS TODAY: MACPS anomaly as a result of implementation of 7th...

EMPLOYEE NEWS TODAY: MACPS anomaly as a result of implementation of 7th...: N.F.I.R. National Federation of Indian Railwaymen No.IV/MACPS/09/Pt.11  Dated: 10/08/2017 The Secretary (E),  Railway Board, ...

Railway, bus stations choked as people leave on extended weekend

A packed Pandit Nehru Bus Station in Vijayawada on Friday. 

Govt. employees plan their ‘holiday’ much in advance

The Andhra Pradesh Secretariat and Assembly are likely to wear a deserted look for a week. The employees have planned their week ahead in view of continuous holidays with weekend beginning Saturday. Krishnasthami is on Monday, and Independence Day is on Tuesday. The government declared holidays on both days. Again, Thursday is an optional holiday on account of Parsi New Year day.

Railways gears up for a safe Independence Day

All zones directed to step up security arrangements

Mumbai: With just two days to go for Independence Day, and a crude bomb being found in the Amritsar-bound Akal Takht Express, the Director General of Railway Protection Force (RPF) has directed all zonal railways to carry out strict security checks at railway stations, washing lines and yards, which can be highly vulnerable to attacks.

Railway Jan Aahaar canteen licence seized in Visakhapatnam

VISAKHAPATNAM: After a video recorded by a passenger showing unhealthy practices while packing food by the workers of Jan Aahaar at the city railway station went viral on the social media, the Railway officials inspected and seized the licence of the Jan Aahaar Canteen on the platform no. 1.The video recorded by a passenger shows how the Jan Aahaar workers have been packing food which spill onto the floor. Joint security commissioner of the RPF, Amitdas inspected the railway station on Thursday night and found that the canteen was not following any norms in quality and hygiene. Immediately orders were issued to seize the licence of the canteen (Mahadev Agency) and terminate the Jan Aahaar canteen. 

4 technologies key to GE-Indian Railways plan of launching 1,000 trains by 2025

GE Transportation and Indian Railways to launch 1,000 fuel-efficient trains by 2025. Here are 4 technologies key to this initiative. The Indian Railways aims to be more fuel-efficient and become a bigger part of the ‘Digital India’ narrative. Here is an overview of how GE Transportation envisions this.

Crouched on my knees, I peered upwards to get a better view of the undersides of a railway engine locomotive. I could count six axles and twelve wheels, in total. Everything seemed to be in place. I stood up and then inspected the inside of the engine room and walked to the left to inspect the exteriors. Satisfied, I took off the goggles that were mandatory for this inspection, to understand how I could move on to the next stage.
VR experience in action

Here's How Vegetables Grown On Mumbai Railway Tracks Get Into Your Kitchens And End Up Harming You

Green leafy vegetables are prescribed by doctors everywhere. People are even trying to grow them in the corners of their homes. There’s a similar trend in posh neighbourhoods of Mumbai, quite the treat to the eyes. 

On the other hand, there are the small tiny ‘gardens’ that are grown by some Mumbaikars, but not in the most favourable of places. Namely, the railway tracks. Obviously, the sight one sees on an early morning at the railway tracks in Mumbai is downright gross – people answering nature’s call in public, throwing plastic wrappers and waste on the tracks, and the unnerving stench of the trash thrown in the Mithi river.

Mumbai: 300 more ATVMS in Central Railway

Mumbai: The Central Railways have planned to install a total number of at least 300 additional Automatic Ticket Vending Machines (ATVMs) on both the main and harbour line. The tenders for installing the ATVM machines would be issued next week. These machines would be installed at more than 90 stations on the Central Railway line. At present, there are at least 490 machines installed on the Central line.

Indian Railway Catering and Ticket Corporation: Fare play

The Indian Railway Catering and Ticket Corporation, established in 1999, has become one of the largest e-commerce players in India and there is gearing up for a long way ahead.

No more purchasing train tickets was once a painful experience. Photo: Rajesh Kumar Singh/AP

Holidaying this long weekend? Railway over flight is the traveller's choice

However, attractive pricing has given airlines an edge over the railways among youngsters.

It is widely believed that the Indian railways is struggling to retain its customer base, which it is losing to various airlines. However, if the numbers are to be believed, the rail route is still the most favoured mode of transport for weekend travellers.

EMPLOYEE NEWS & 7th CPC: Employment of women and girls in Government organi...

EMPLOYEE NEWS & 7th CPC: Employment of women and girls in Government organi...: he Government has been making concerted efforts to encourage the women to join Government service by providing some special facilities as e...

Anomaly in Pay Matrix Levels of 7th CPC

No.IV/NAC/7th CPC/2016
Dated: 10.08.2017
The Secretary (E),
Railway Board,
New Delhi
Dear Sir,
Sub : Anomaly in Pay Matrix Levels of 7th CPC
NFIR brings to the kind notice of Railway Board the anomaly arisen due to non-grant of 3% of pay towards annual increment, pursuant to implementation of 7th CPC Pay Matrix Levels as explained below:

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