Apr 17, 2018

All Kerala Railway Users’ Association demands daily rail service to Guwahati

The All Kerala Railway Users’ Association (AKRUA) on Monday issued a statement in protest against the alleged manhandling of local passengers at the Aluva railway station by a group of people, who according to them were migrant labourers.

AKRUA state president Paul K J Manvettam said the Railways, Railway Protection Force and other officials concerned should take immediate steps to prevent the recurrence of similar incidents. “There are nearly 30 lakh migrants in Kerala. Their main mode of transport to go their native places is the Indian Railways. The number of trains which are conducting services to North India from Kerala is not adequate to accommodate such a huge number of migrants. However, the railways are yet to press more trains into service,” Paul said.

He said AKRUA is constantly demanding a 24-compartment train to conduct service to Guwahati. “Only a daily train will solve the present travel crisis. It will also be a good move if the authorities can extend the recently introduced Anthyodhaya train from Ernakulam to Howrah to Guwahati. Instead of this, the railways convert normal trains to special trains during special seasons by levying additional charges,” he said.

The AKRUA also alleged in normal trains, nearly 400 passengers travel in general compartments which only has the capacity to carry 108 people. “We have prepared a letter and submitted it to the Railways Minister G Sudhakaran and to Railway authorities,” he said.

Source - Indian Express

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