May 14, 2018


On Saturday, 12th May, 2018; a comprehensive review of the position of punctuality of Mail/Express trains o­n Indian railways was done by Chairman Railway Board (CRB), Shri Ashwini Lohani via videoconference. General Managers of the zones of Indian Railways were present in the videoconference. In the videoconference, CRB discussed factors affecting punctuality o­n different zones. Talking o­n the subject of punctuality, CRB said that along with continued focus o­n maintenance, there is a pressing need to improve punctuality of mail/express trains. He advised that in order to improve punctuality, asset failures will have to be controlled and maintenance blocks cleared within the time allocated for the same. He said in view of more blocks of longer duration that are being given now, it is crucial that ‘block bursting’ does not take place. “We will have to put in our 100% efforts to meet the twin challenges of maintenance & infrastructure development along with improvement in punctuality” said the CRB. Speaking o­n the subject GM/NCR Shri M.C.Chauhan said that in order to improve punctuality, the speed potential of 7 pairs of trains running o­n the system of NCR has been increased to 130km/h from 110km/h. He said that hourly monitoring of punctuality is being done in NCR and 60 trains are being monitored at the level of GM. He requested the board to provide approval for upgrading of speed potential of 29 pairs of non-airconditioned trains with LHB coaches from existing 110km/h to 130km/h, in order to free up sectional line-capacity and help to improve punctuality. He also requested the Railway Board to shift some goods trains from the oversaturated A-Route (Ghaziabad-Mughalsarai) of NCR to the ‘B’route of NR (Lucknow-Sultanpur-Varanasi) which was completely electrified and had been made double line also. The suggestion of GM/NCR of shifting 4 trains (Nauchandi, Saryu, AJ Passenger, and Ganga-Gomti express) to Prayag from Allahabad jn was accepted by the Railway Board and it was decided that the shifting would be done o­nce the Prayag Ghat station of Northern Railway had been developed. The videoconference proceeded and ended in a cordial atmosphere.

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