May 16, 2018

Check Out These Amazing Pics of North-East’s First 100% Solar Railway Station, Guwahati!

Going green has always been a priority of the Indian Railways. Among their many ways to do so, relying on solar power stands out.

In July 2017, the Railways launched its first 1,600 HP Solar Diesel Electrical Multiple Unit train. The train has 16 solar panels of 300 watt capacity on each coach. The energy generated through those panels can be stored in batteries, for night use as well. Read about this here.

In another initiative, platform roofs turned into electricity mediums, under the “Mission 41K” scheme, which might help save around Rs 4,100 crore in electricity bills, over a ten-year period from 2015 to 2025. Mumbai’s Western Railway wants to install these panels in 23 locations on the Churchgate-Virar route. Read more about this ambitious initiative here.

Now, Guwahati station, is the first in the North-East, to completely switch to solar power. Just like the above initiatives, solar power is being utilised–this time–to power an entire station.

The solar power plant at Guwahati station was commissioned in April 2017. Expectations were high, and the station was touted to reduce its carbon footprint and save a lot of money by cutting down on electricity.

With savings in electrical expenses to the tune of Rs 67 lakh, the 6.7 crore project is being funded by CONCOR, an initiative of the Ministry of Railways. Among other things, CONCOR is responsible for three core businesses-cargo carrying, terminal operations and warehouse operations. Sahibabad’s Central Electronics Ltd is behind the installation of the plant.

Source - The Better India 

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