Jun 10, 2019

STATION MASTER NEWS: Regarding Station Master Problem ,Sr DOM / Sonpur ...

STATION MASTER NEWS: Regarding Station Master Problem ,Sr DOM / Sonpur ...One bright light at the end of the tunnel:

(Regarding Station Master Problem ,Sr DOM / Sonpur Given His Representation to GM/ Hazipur )


In my interaction with various field staff it was found that due to enormous duties SM puts off the signal by 2-3 minute late in many cases, which counts for delaying hundreds of train in a Division itself which results in to losing countless path, fuel and manpower, most of these cases happens where a single SM has been posted in a shift with countless duties. Some of his duties may pl be seen-

A. Duties related to operation-

Duties related to line clear: - SM has to make minimum 05 calls for passing each train and has to fill minimum two register (TSR and Pvt. No. Sheet). In addition to it if any level crossing exists in stations limit he has to make two more calls and maintain one register per level crossing gate.

Exchanges of Signal: - For Exchanging Signal with Driver and Guard of a train, an SM has to be alert with 3 minutes for receiving & dispatching a train safely for next station.

Duties during Signal failure: - In case of signal failure SM has to prepare paper line clear memo for each train & he has to be dependent on a group ‘D’ staff for serving & making it receive. In many cases serving the memo to different train had led to accidents. In case of point failure, crank handling has to be done in presence of SM for which he has to left the station unmanned which leads to unsafe state and huge detention of trains. 

Emergency caution order: - Imposition & cancellation of urgent (caution order) is the most important work in view of safety, it has to be done with utmost concentration. For which the SM writes the order of control & convey it in written to passing trains crew. Even a minor mistake in the process may lead to disasters. Therefore, most of the station master do it with full concentration keeping aside the movement of the trains. 

Daily Maintenance Register: - In addition to above duties SM has to maintain the Patrolling register, SI-4 Register, veeder counter register, SM diary, load stabling register, punctuality register, daily checking of emergency cross over register, AT checking register, Traction Key register, relay room register, cut off memos, wagon transfer register.

Duties during traffic disruption: - In cases of TSL, Loco failure, hot axle, OHE and other failure, there are dozens duties assigned to SM, where he has to physically present & perform different types of assigned duty leading the station unmanned.

Single Line working :- During signal line working SM has to visit all the points personally to ensure correct setting and locking of facing points leaving the station unmanned.

B. Commercial duties-

Ticket Booking: - An SM cannot stop ticket booking even in pick hours of train movement because it often leads to public agitation & complaints. Meticulous cash handling is also expected to be performed by SM because even difference of a few rupees may drag him in to vigilance cases. Moreover, he has to segregate the cash, seal cash bag and hand it over the to guard after taking receipt. 

Enquiry & Public announcement: - At most of the NSG-5,6 SG-2,3 & HG-1,2,3 stations, there is no provision of separate enquiry office Thus an SM has to be surrounded by passengers for enquiry purpose, for which he has to take position from control frequently. 

Duties related to public amenities & complains: - SM has to check & Co-ordinate with different department for all kinds or public amenities & passengers complains.

C. Other duties-

Cleanliness: - For cleanliness of station now a days special emphasis are being given. Therefore a single SM has to take different types of awareness & corrective measure to ensure the cleanliness of station once .

In case of ACP, run over, CRO or robbery in train a single station master has to perform various duties which further hampers the operation of the trains.

Sir the total number of stations in Indian railway are more than 7300 in which only 4500 stations are Block stations. Out of these 4500 stations we have only 2000 stations where more than 72 (3 Per hour) trains are operated and where our top bottlenecks fall. Out of these 2000 stations we have already posted more than one SMs in approx 400 station. Therefore we actually required to post more than one SMs in only 1600 hundred stations which will add approx 6400 manpower in IR.

Therefore increasing the man power of 6400 will not only add the quality in terms of safety in operation but also bring down the wastage of our assets, Path, fuel and man power.

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