Railway Board Order In 2010

Orders Issued by Board In 2010

  1. Revised Rates of Travelling Allowance for Journey on Trasfer-recd. 6th CPC.
  2. Commercial Circular No. 61 of 2010- Instructions issued on Unreserved Ticketing System.
  3. Restoration of Catering posts transferred to IRCTC-New Catering Policy 2010.
  4. With the Efforts of AIRF, Railway Board has issued orders for reckoning of Running Allowance as pay for the purpose of deduction of Income Tax.
  5. Honorarium given to Stenopraphers and Peons connected with PREM has been revised.
  6. Recruitment of Staff from Open Market in Pay Band-I of Rs. 5200-20200 having grade pay Rs. 1800.
  7. Special Allowance to Gateman increased from Rs. 150 to Rs. 300, rates effective from 01.09.08.
  8. Engagement of Substitutes in the Railways in Grade Pay Rs. 1800.
  9. Withdrawl of Stiff/Severe major penalty.
  10. Appointment to the ward/wife/legel heir in case of death of Commission Vendors/Bearers.
  11. Engagement of Act Apprentices who have completed course as substitutes.
  12. Clarification reg: Training Period of skilled artisan staff.
  13. GM's Power for providing legal assistance has been increased from Rs. 10000 to Rs. 50000.
  14. Placement of Pharmacists in the Entry Grade Pay of Rs. 4200 after completion of 2 years of service in GP Rs. 2800.
  15. Rates of Night Duty Allowance w.e.f 01-07-10.
  16. Leasing/hiring of private houses for residential use of Officers.
  17. Clarification regarding pay fixation of existing Group D employees in the revised pay structure.
  18. Mode of filling up of posts in the pre-revised scales of 6500-10500 & were alloted G.P Rs. 4200 during sixth cpc: RBE 160.
  19. Risk allowance to continue till 31.12.2010.
  20. Additional Allowance to Running Staff has been granted, DA is Payable on additional allowance & effective from 01.01.2006.
  21. Apprentice Act 1961-Upper Age limit for selecting candidates for training has been raised by 2 years.
  22. Upgradation of educational qualification for the post of Radiographer in Grade Pay Rs. 2400 against 50% promotional quota.
  23. Provision of Companian in same class for post retirement complimentary First Class pass holders
  24. Grant of House Rent Allowance to Railway Employees posted to new zones.
  25. Recognition of Hospitals in and around chandigarh.
  26. Payment of Ex-Gratia lumpsum compensation to the families of Railway Employees who die in harness in performance of bonafide duties not taxable-Clar. reg.
  27. Review of implementation of Risk Insurance Scheme.
  28. Subscription towards CGEGIS & insurance coverage for employees working in G.P Rs. 1800 has been increased to Rs. 30 p.m.
  29. MACP For Rly. Employees -Clarifications reg.
  30. PLB-Corrigendum - Para 5 withdrawn - PLB to be paid as was done last year RBE 148-2010
  31. Railway Board orders on Productivity Linked Bonus for year 2009-10.
  32. Child Care Leave in respect of female employees as a result of 6th CPC-Clarification reg.
  33. Safety related retirement scheme: Gangman/Trackman can seek retirement under this scheme.
  34. Fixation of Pay in merged grades for working on ad-hoc basis on ex-cadre posts in Construction Organisations.
  35. Education Allowance for disabled child increased to Rs. 24000.
  36. Railway Board's order on Dearness Allowance rates effective from 01-07-10.
  37. Filling Up of Vacancies in GP 1800 with Ex-Servicemen.
  38. Appointment of Substitutes in Railway.
  39. Recognition of Educational Qualification from State Madrasas for employment purpose.
  40. Employee can represent below benchmark ACPs before promotion.
  41. Railway Board's Order regarding change in designations after Sixth CPC.
  42. Draft Tripartite Agreement to be signed by Zonal Railways-IRCTC and concerned Licencee.
  43. Repatriation of deputationists staff of IRCTC Staff to their respective Railways.
  44. Grant of advance increment to stenographers in sub-ordinates offices for acquiring higher short hand speed.
  45. MACP Scheme extended to staff car drivers-Clar. reg.
  46. Deputation of Railway Staff to the Recognized Federations/Unions for full time.
  47. Railway Board sought views on Perfromance Related Incentive Scheme.
  48. Railway Employee after completing qualifying service of 10 years is entitled to full pension: Cut Off Date is 01-01-2006.
  49. Grant of Dearness Relief to Pensioners recieving provisional pension or pension in pre revised scale of 5th CPC.
  50. Clarification regarding-Quantum of debits to be raised in case of lost PRS tickes/rolls.
  51. Honorarium to practitiones working in Homoepathic/ Ayurvadic dispensaries has been revised.
  52. Member Mechanical Sh. Sanjeev Handa to look after the work of Member Staff till further orders.
  53. Committee for standardization of infrastructure at Railway Stations has been constituted.
  54. Revision of Pay Scales for Railway School Teachers working in misc. categories on the recommendations of Sixth CPC.
  55. Clarification reg.-LAP, LAHP and Casual Leave grant to Para-medical staff working in Railway hospitals.
  56. Clarification regarding revised pay structure of posts of common category of Pharamacists Cadre.
  57. Allotment of berths out of emergency quota for Railway servants and their family members suffering from cancer & travelling medical passes.
  58. Recruitment of Asstt. Loco Piolet-Extending second chance for aptitude test
  59. Revision of option excercised under Rule 6 of Railway Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2008.
  60. Clarification regarding Incentive Bonus to SSEs/SEs/JEs in workshops/PUs.
  61. Recognition of Jaslok hospital Mumbai for neuro surgery cases of Railway Patients of Central Railway.
  62. DC/JCM Item No. 7/2006: Promotion against vacant posts in diminishing cadre.
  63. Issue of School Passes during vacations AIRF PNM item no. 10/10.
  64. Procedure for holding selection of Gangmate in Civil Engineering Department.
  65. Revised classification and mode of filling of non-gazzeted posts after implementation of sixth pay commission.
  66. New Catering Policy has been formulated by Railway Board. Genereal Secy. Com. S.G. Mishra has asked for comments on this policy..
  67. Messing Facilities for trainees of Group C & D Staff in Railway Training Center .
  68. Grant of Honorarium for Railway officers for setting up of question papers-Clarification reg.
  69. Extension of the facility of semi-private room in favour of patients of Kidney Transplantation, Liver and Critical renal failure. Reg.-DC-JCM item no. 19-2009.
  70. Agenda of DC/JCM meeting to be held on 01-07-10 & 02-07-10 at New Delhi.
  71. Forwarding Letter of Rly. Board to MOF about the anomalies arisen due ot 6th Pay Commision.
  72. Delegation of Power Regarding appointment on compassionate grounds due to merger of grades after 6th CPC.
  73. Extension of the period of retention of Railway Accomodation for staff posted at ECR/NWR.
  74. Filling up of post in Para Medical Category in Group C- Date Extended
  75. Procedures of coding and decoding of Roll Numbers in case of selections for promotions.
  76. Admissibility of Composite Tranfert Grant in case of short distance transfers/relocation after retirements.
  77. Upper Age Limit for Selection of J.E.-II against intermediate quota has been increased from 45 years to 47 Years.
  78. Implementation of recommendations 6th CPC regarding filling up of non gazzeted posts in Grade Pay Rs. 4200 & Grade Pay Rs. 4600.
  79. Railway Services (Revised Pay) Rules 2008 - Clarification Regarding Schedule for Revised Pay Scales of Section Officers.
  80. Compassionate Ground Appointment - Extending second chance for Aptitude Test.
  81. Typing Skill tests to be conducted on Personal Computers.
  82. Transport Allowance to blind & orthopeadically handicapped Railways employees - Clarification Reg.
  83. Rates of Night Duty Allowance effective from 01-01-2010.
  84. Special Allowance admissible to certain categories revised as per recommendations of Sixth CPC, rates effective from 01.09.2008.
  85. A May Day gift to Asstt. Loco Pilots in the form of their Cadre Restructuring.
  86. Clarification regarding fixation of pay and increments after implementaion of sixth cpc.
  87. Staff Benefit funds for 2010-11 and its distribution thereafter.
  88. Dearness Relief to Railway Pensioners and Family Pensioners - Rates effective from 01.01.2010.
  89. Grant of Washing allowance to Safaiwalas working in Raiwlay Colonies.
  90. PREM - Constitution of Sub Groups on PREM.
  91. Training slots for Apprentices under the Apprentice Act 1961, conducting fresh joint surveys.
  92. Grant of 100 % Concession to Cancer Patients in 3rd AC and Sleeper Class.
  93. Revision of Pre-1996 pensioners, Representations Settled by DOPT.
  94. Quantum of debits to be raised in case of missing PRS tickets/rolls.
  95. Eligibility Condition for promotion from Group C to Group B.
  96. Clarification regarding-Encashment of LAP while availing Pass/PTOs for re-employed pensioners.
  97. Clarification : Penalty of Witholding of Increments imposed under V CPC and operated as per VI CPC.
  98. Clarification regarding-Revision of Pension for Pre-1996 pensioners.
  99. Revised Pay Structure of Pharmacist Cadre.
  100. Suspension of Annual Review for Gradewise percentage of distribution of posts in Group C.
  101. Staff Eligible for normal promotions, is also eligible for MACP benefits.
  102. Post of Haj Assistant on deputation for Consulate General of India -Jeddah.
  103. Revision of Rates under SBF for 2010-11.
  104. Provision of reservation for PTO holders in Jan Shatabdi and Shatabdi trains.
  105. Periodical Transfers of Railway Employees holding sensitive posts.
  106. Extension of the benefits of MACP Scheme for Temporary Service Period given to substitues.
  107. Review of System of Construction Reserve Posts for the non-gaz staff. AIRF's PNM Item No. 43/2002
  108. Revision of Diet Charges for Patients admitted in Railway Hospitals.
  109. Grant of family pension to Physically/Mentally disabled of childeren of Railway Employee.-PNM/AIRF Item No. 1/2009
  110. Stepping up of Pay of Seniors at par with junior Direct Recruits in same cadre.- Clarification
  111. Revision of Hourly Rates of Incentive Bonus and Bonus Factor-Clarification.
  112. First meeting of Anomaly Committee to be held on 19-03-10.
  113. Revision in the Rates of GIS with corresponding increase in the amount of Risk Policy.
  114. Minutes of the 4th meeting of Expert Committee on Railways.
  115. Entitlement of Transport Allowance to Railway employees employed at Cities Classfied as A-1 & A.
  116. Fast Track Committee to look into the issues of Loco Running Staff has been Constituted.
  117. Committee to review Air Conditioning Facilities is constituted.
  118. Clarification on the Stepping up of Pay of Seniors.
  119. Overtime Allowance Granted Consequent Upon the implementation of Sixth Pay Commission.
  120. Revision of Pension of Pre 1996 & Pre 2006 retirees.
  121. Revision of 1/3rd Commuted Portion of Pension.
  122. Upper Age limit for direct recruitment to Group C & C posts in Railways.
  123. Employees with Average CR will get MACP benefits.
  124. Fedback on Revision of Desgnations of  Gr. 'C' Posts after 6th Pay Comm.
  125. Designations Proposed by AIRF and Rly. Board for Gr. 'C' Posts.
  126. Transfer of Staff on Deemed Deputation to IRCTC.
  127. NDA to Contiue for all Non Gaz. Gr. 'C' Staff.
  128. Rly. Board seeks more data from Zonal Railways for Cadre Re-Structuring.
  129. Latest on Revision of Grades after Sixth Pay Commision.
  130. General Manager Conference held on 11-12, Jan 2010.
  131. New Instructions-Classification & Mode of filling up Non-Gaz. Posts
  132. Classification of Railway Service Posts after Sixth Pay Commission
  133. Com. S.G.Mishra fulfilled promise-Risk Allowance to Continue
  134. Patient Care Allowance and Risk Allowance to Continue.
  135. AIRF demands Promotional Benefits w.e.f. 31-08-09 in Modified Selection
  136. Grant of Grade Pay 4600 to posts existed as on 01-01-2006
  137. Clarification on Modified Assured Career Progress Scheme
  138. Delegation of Powers to AGM for Medical Reimbursement
  139. House Rent Allowance to Railway Employees posted to new zones.
  140. Grant of Family Pension to Disable Persons.
  141. Re-Employment Allowance for Retired Employees.
  142. Grade Pay of Rs. 4600 to Stenos
  143. Full Pension for service less than 33 Yrs. - Date Revised
  144. Bonnanza for Assistant Loco Pilots
  145. Closure of Printing Presses Stalled, thanks to efforts made by AIRF 
  146. Amendment to Pass Rules of Trainees


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