Aug 10, 2017

STATION MASTER NEWS: AISMA - Message from - संजीत कुमार /मंडलीय अध्यक्ष...

STATION MASTER NEWS: AISMA - Message from - संजीत कुमार /मंडलीय अध्यक्ष...: प्रिय साथियो,  कल का दिन AISMA के इतिहास के लिए बहुत बड़ा दिन है।ठीक 20 साल पहले 11/08/1997 को AISMA ने अपने माँगों के लिए एक बहुत बड़ा आन्द...

Recommendation of 7th Central Pay Commision - Decision relating to grant of Special Train Controllers' Allowance to Section Controllers and Deputy Chief Controllers.


Railway Station Too Far From the Metro? Mumbai Might Get Cable Cars for Faster Commute

Travelling from a Metro station to the nearest railway station is a hassle, most Mumbai Metro commuters would agree. But this hassle might soon end. If implemented, an elevated route will be introduced between the two stations, where you will commute via a travelator or a cable car.

A travelator is a moving walkway that you see at airports, and a cable car is a motorless and engineless transport, which relies on a cable to to be pulled at a steady speed.
Representational Images. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Mumbai’s Metro 2B (Dahisar-D N Nagar via New Link Road) and Metro VII route (Dahisar-Andheri via WEH), running parallel to Western Railway’s suburban corridor, could soon get this form of transport.

Revision of rates of Daily Allowance to Railway employee on tour

Representation of station mastr of GG-BTD section for Guage Conversion work

रेल यात्री छात्र छात्रों पर "प्रभु" की कृपा

Safety at Work Sites

Channel for promotion of Running Staff of Tra and Commercial Deptt. (AVC)

Stations under jurisdiction of mega-metropolitan area-Indicating names of Metropolitan cities on Passes/PTOs issued to Railway employees

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